4 Million people expected to attend Obama’s inauguration.

Posted: January 6, 2009 in Hot off the Press, News / Updates
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Security fears as four million

people expected to attend Obama’s


US authorities expect as many as four million people to attend  Barack Obama’s  inauguration as president.

Officials in Washington DC had expected a million people to watch the January 20th event.  But based on demand for tickets they now believe four times  the original number will try to attend.

The huge number of people who will flood into the US capital  is expected to  present a logistical nightmare, swamping the underground system and roads.
All hotels within a 60 miles distance of the capital have already been booked.

Ya Boy John Robinson will be in DC witnessing history with my own eyes during inauguration week. I am not as lucky to actually have tickets but I have some biz to handle out there and will be in the area soaking up all of that energy all week long. I look forward to every bit of it too. Stay tuned as I plan to definitely get some footage and pics to document the historic times and share it with you all. Wow! I am excited now! More soon.


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