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John Robinson & Lewis Parker


It is often difficult to describe in words the emotion that is involved in creative ventures. This is one of those situations. When we decided to record the new album “International Summers” we wondered how we could possibly capture the deep and warm sensation that lies within the heart and souls of the people world round. John Robinson and Lewis Parker both hold impressive discographies the easily boast a decade plus of gems delivered to the masses wrapped in passion, love and integrity. John is the perfect example of still waters run deep, his much reserved and calm façade belies the excitement and the imagination that explodes when he literally loses himself in the rhymes and let thoughts channel from a higher place. Lewis is a master craftsman, and his craft is one of hypnotism, seduction and satisfaction all accomplished via his bewitching SP 1200 and other Classic vintage analog machinery, which gives birth right to his GOLDEN SOUND.  JR and LP are the oracles of that warmth the has been missing in the world of music and leaving so many cold and lonely searching for that same substance that forced them to fall in LOVE with the music in the first place! International Summers marks the continuing journey that can’t be limited to a certain place nor season, so fasten your seatbelts yall! Let’s RIDE!

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During a recent show in Atlanta w/ Count Bass D, J Live and Jay ARE (John Robinson & J Rawls) Rawls and Robinson decide to link up with Dvid films to shoot another video
from their latest and incredibly innovative album, John Robinson and J Rawls are Jay ARE “The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again….”

“It’s JAY ARE” was directed by Rick Foy of Dvid Films and features cameos by Miss AZ, “Count Bass D”, “H2O”, Flux of BINKIS RECS and “Dj Pocket”…

John Robinson and J Rawls give us a sneak peek into the amazing world of Jazz-Hop and stimulate our collective appetites for what’s next on the horizon of this revolutionary musical movement… Stay Tuned




“Back to the City” Productions presents John Robinson aka Lil Sci from Science of Life in South Africa!

The Unlearn Agency presents John Robinson aka Lil Sci live in Johazardousburg on the 26th February at the Original Soundtrack in Newtown. Feat Dj Raiko and the MUSIC ATLAST™ Crew….Be sure not to miss this exciting international event leading up to the most attended annual hip hop festival “Back to the City” 4!

Born in the South Bronx and raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, John Robinson (Lil Sci of ScienZ of Life) has sojourned through the underground scenes of New Jersey, Atlanta and Los Angeles with the result of creating a sound that is universally magnetic to hip-hop audiences of various backgrounds.

Robinson has performed with the likes of The Roots, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Run DMC, MF DOOM and many others nationally and internationally. Musically he has collaborated with legendary producers MF Doom, Flying Lotus, J Rawls, and Jneiro Jarel on various projects.

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Tickets: R80 @ the door


Yes Yes Ya’ll! The Greatest Show on Erf is back! KOL and Butan are kicking off our international line up for 2010 with John Robinson (Lil Sci) of Scienz of Life.

Pangaea will be opening up for John Robinson with their first performance together in almost a year. This crew consists of New York Emcee Whosane with Cape Town artists Nonku Phiri and Jimmy Flexx (ILL Skillz).

Hosted by Mingus with DJ Raiko on the decks!

Kool Out Live Jazz Trio!


Butan Giveaways!!!!

Tickets: R70 at the door
R50 presale (Location TBD)

We warned you about People Under the Stairs! This show will also sell out! Buy your tickets presale or get to the venue early! Don’t say we didn’t tell you!!!!!!!!

The Puzzle continues…
with The Unseen Trap from episode two of The Puzzle The Glass Ceiling ! This piece of the puzzle is exploring the hidden boundaries we find in the system we live in. The unnecessary boxes and stereotypes the entrainment industry creates and imposes on the artists and fans, is slowly but surely killing the art form of hip hop. Project: Mooncircle & Dusty Vinyl brings you The Unseen Trap 10 inch.
This is Lewis Parker ‘The Man With The Golden Sound’ at his finest with three KILLER cuts featuring John Robinson on the super slick fully orchestrated wah funk gem of the title track ’The Unseen Trap’ . We then find a solo LP explosion shaft styled killer funk BANGER entitled ‘International Hitman’ . This leads us to the finale of the record the mind blowin ‘Super Scientific Weapons’ featuring Eastkoast & Tah Born. Where we go on a journey of futuristic sounds, throat flutes and more wah funk madness. The lyrics are dealing with super conspiracy theories not to be missed!

Listen HERE (Snippet)


Release date: February 26, 2010.
Artwork by Bioniq, The Binh & Gordon.

The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, the first book from the I Am Hip Hop imprint set for launch in Spring 2009, is the philosophical masterwork of KRS-One. Set in the format of the Christian Bible, this 600-plus-page opus is a life-guide manual for members of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path. Known as “The Teacha,” KRS-One developed his unique outlook as a homeless teen in Brooklyn, New York, engaging his philosophy of self-creation to become one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop history. Respected as Hip Hop’s true steward, KRS-One painstakingly details the development of the culture and the ways in which we, as “Hiphoppas,” can and should preserve its future.

Presented by KRS-One for the Temple of Hip Hop