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Using graphic designs, illustrations, and graffiti as a weapon, Imaone delivers his original style with no regards to conventional media, while taking advantage of experiences from having worked at designing and printing offices. He has contributed his artwork to a number of artists, labels, media, and galleries, from which he has found inspiration, both inside and outside of his homeland.

These are the Beginning sketches for the Robot Robinson Art Work:

The cat Ima-One reps Tokyo and has a very Unique style he brings to the table we were definitely Blessed to have him do this Art Work 🙂

(ABOVE): Art Work Drawing before the coloring process began! Intricate detail and AMAZING concepts that definitely catch the eyes of the viewer! Robot is the FUTURE 🙂

The Final Art Work brought to complete LIFE with the Color design by Gordon of PMC. Project Mooncircle is raising the Bar on the ART WORK Spectrum! Let’s Go!