John Robinson Discography (Accomplishments)
Scienz of Life debut 12″ Powers 9 Ether b/w The Anthem on Fondle’em Records. International Recognitions Begins!!!!
Scienz of Life Release 2nd 12″ Metaphysics b/w Year 2000 on Fondle’em Records. S.O.L Flood Shows through out the Tri-State
Lil Sci Appears on Lyricist Lounge Album Vol. 1 (Outside the Lounge Feat. Talib Kweli, Shabaam Saadiq, Wise Guy and Word da Mouth)
Same year A Song called “Doing Our Thing” by S.O.L Produced by Don Q was bootlegged by a fraud company called “Slum Brother Records” (If ya own a copy of this consider it a collector’s Item at our Expense)
Scienz of Life Collab with French DJ/Producer Dee Nasty and Record “Divine Connection” The Cross Seas Anthem!!! On Guidance Recordings
Scienz Tour Paris before the debut album.
Also the Year S.O.L inked a Deal With 3-2-1 Records in NYC A&R by Bigg Juss (Lune Tns, Company Flow) soon after 3-2-1 Goes Bankrupt!!!!!
Scienz of Life releases their Debut Full Length “Coming Forth by Day” on Subverse Music. Scienz Tours Italy and Europe Promoting the Record…Scienz Tours the States promoting the Album…Lil Sci appears on Ace Lover 12″ joint “Lucky 7″, Scienz of Life.com is launched.
Lil Sci releases Solo 12” on Cybertek/Buds distribution in NYC “Black Artist” b/w “Life Itself”
Lil Sci Named Resurrection Battle Champion in ATL. Scienz of Life release limited edition “Strange Fruit” ep on Subverse Music. Lil Sci Appears on Mars ILL 12″ on “Mona Lisa”, Lil Sci Appears on Marq Spekt 12″ “Shoplifter” produced by ID 4 Windz.
S.O.L Appears on Paris’ France’s own DJ Dee Nasty’s Nastyness Album with a Song called “Pirates”. S.O.L Combine with the Super Villain MF Doom and bring the Underground Classic “Yikes”!!!! Scienz of Life Perform @ the Legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, Feat. Run Dmc, George Clinton and the P-Funk All stars, The Pharcyde, Dj Dee Nasty and many, many more.
Scienz Release their Sophomore Album “Project Overground” And Tour the States with the New Album. S.O.L Release Radio 12″ “Hot Bananas” b/w “2 hot 4 words”. Hot bananas named Single of the year on 88.5 in Atlanta. S.O.L vizion.com is launched; Lil Sci appears on the Chocolate Soul Compilation vol.2 Album on “Hey Yo” Produced by Tariq L also feat Dubmack, S.O.L appears on Stahhr Tha Femcee 12″ on a joint called “Wizdom”, Scienz Also appears on Prophetix High Risk Album on the Smash entitled “Shattered”.

Scienz of life and Sol Uprising hit the Hip Hop Legacy tour (25 U.S. Cities)
Scienz of Life Featured on the MF Doom King Geedorah Album on “Next Levels”w/ Stahhr tha Femcee
Scienz of Life Featured on Jon Doe’s Meet Jon Doe Album on “Hot Night”
Lil Sci Featured on Lacks’ Re: Lacks with the World vol. one
Lil Sci & Stacy Epps are: SOL Uprising We Our self & Us 12″ on Solvizion/Shaman Work Recordings
John Robinson named President of Shaman Work Recordings
Lil Sci & Stacy Epps (SOL Uprising) release Sol Power the debut album on
Solvizion/Shaman Work Recordings
Sol Uprising’s follow up “They Don’t Know” B/W “Raach ya Sol” 12″ on
Solvizion/Shaman Work Recordings
“They Don’t Know” Video Directed by Kane USA
Scienz of Life Presents: Diggin in the Archives Album and DVD Raptivism Records

Lil Sci appears on Daedelus “Exquisite Corpse” (Ninja Tune)
Lil Sci appears on Both Ammon Contact’s “One in an infinity of ways”
and “New Birth” albums (Ninja Tune)
Lil Sci appears on Dwight Trible and the Life Force Trio’s “Love is the answer” (Ninja Tune)
Sol Uprising appears on J-Rawls “The Essence of Soul” Album
Lil Sci appears on Lone Catalyst “Good Music” Album
John Robinson appears on Chris Craft’s “Clear One” Exclusive 7” (Aljera Music)
John Robinson “There she goes” Prod. by MF DOOM / “One Beer” Madlib Remix Exclusive 7”
John Robinson Presents “The Leak Edition vol. 1”
I.D. 4windz Produced the title track “Rize” off the motion picture soundtrack performed by Flii Stylez

Lil Sci appears on Ammon Contact’s album “Wit voices” (Ninja Tune)
Lil Sci “Hit Me” / “CU” 12” Produced by Ta’raach (Tres Records)
Scienz of Life “Hood Stock” b/w “Exclusive Rights” 12” single In Stores July 2006
Scienz of Life “The Blaxploitation Sessions” In Stores Aug 22nd (Shaman Work)
John Robinson “The Leak Edition Vol. 2” In Stores Oct. 17th (Shaman Work)
John Robinson “The Leak Edition Vol. 1 EP” Limited edition Vinyl Import (Fat City Records)
John Robinson “The Leak Edition Vol. 2 Limited Edition 2LP + Instrumentals (Shaman Work)
Scienz Culture (Scienz of Life & IG Culture) “Ginsu” Maxi 12” (Sunshine Enterprises)
John Robinson Appears on Invizible Handz Mix CD “Guillotine Talk”
(Carlos Nino and Lil Sci Present) What’s the Science? “Elevation” Album (Coming Early 2008)
John Robinson appears on IG Culture “Griot” Dee Dee Bridgewater Remix
John Robinson appears on Jneiro Jarel’s – Shape of Broad Minds album “Choas” (Lex Records)
IG Culture Feat. John Robinson “Science, Jazz and Politics” 12” on (Far Out)
Official Launch of Beatvizion.com (All-Digital label and Distribution)

John Robinson Featured on IG Culture’s “Zen Badisms” LP on (Freedom School) Japan
Lil Sci and Carlos Nino Present: What’s the Science? ELEVATION LP (Shaman Work Recordings)
John Robinson “I Am Not 4 Sale” Full length (Fat City Records) Manchester, UK
John Robinson appears on 2 Hungry Bros “Table Manners” Album on “Keep it Honest” Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq and Skyzoo.
John Robinson “Who is this man?” Full length Prod by MF DOOM
Groove Man Spot 12” Feat. John Robinson “2 Things” (Jazzy Sport) Japan

J Rawls and John Robinson are Jay ARE – The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again
Scienz of Life – TBA (Summer 2009)
Carlos Nino & Lil Sci Present What’s the Science? – My Favorite Things

  1. MF Benzo says:

    Yo J.R man im speechless about that project you did with dope thats sound perfect man big up’s man thanks for the music 1 love…

  2. Peterchen says:

    You promote the Jay ARE-LP being like the 1960s: critical and intelligent lyrics and stuff. But why aren’t there any lyrics in the booklet at all?

    • thejohnrobinsonproject says:

      Peace! Thanks for listening and being in tune first and foremost! Honestly the reason we didn’t print the lyrics was more of a conscious decision to Go Green and save paper! and I also plan to release an E-BOOK with all of my Rhymes so I wanted to wait for that too.

      Stay Tuned!

      John Robinson

  3. melanie says:

    Just heard ” hit me” its hot… I will be buying your cd!

  4. DJ Lord Ron says:

    PEACE to Lil Sci aka John Robinson! In 2010, he was featured on my album: “Environmental Shape Sounds Of DJ Lord Ron”. The track is “The Touch”.

  5. Parris Terrill says:

    Mr. John Ronbinson, I am contacting one to say your past and present work makes me feel proud of Nj Hip Hop, and two i wanted to know if you had any extra slots in your show at the Fire June 11th..if not I wanted to know if you were looking for someone to open for you at your future shows, the emcees name is Chris Skillz, I only ask because he would def learn alot from you as I have ment you at a venue in New Brunswick NJ and you are a very geniune dude with real skill behinfd the mic, lyrics, and great stage show. If you get a chance check the links to his music please. In the meantime be well and blessed with your current and future projects.

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