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John Robinson & Lewis Parker



2LP/ CD / Digital

PROJECT: Mooncircle

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Track list:

01. Summer Begins

02. International Summers

03. Planes Trains Automobiles Feat. staHHr – Cymarshall Law – 4ORCE

04. Holiday Songs Feat. Renee Neufville

05. Harlem River Drive Feat. Angelz INC.

06. Warrior Princess

07. Godz ILLA Feat. East Koast, Tah Born, I.D. 4 Windz & Dynas

08. Dues Paid

09. Ebony Godfathers

10. Views and perspectives in sound Feat. I.D. 4 Windz & Dynas

11. Enter the Cosmos

12. Dangerous Love Affair

13. Summer Ends

Artwork by The Binh & Bionic (Russia).

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John Robinson & Lewis Parker


It is often difficult to describe in words the emotion that is involved in creative ventures. This is one of those situations. When we decided to record the new album “International Summers” we wondered how we could possibly capture the deep and warm sensation that lies within the heart and souls of the people world round. John Robinson and Lewis Parker both hold impressive discographies the easily boast a decade plus of gems delivered to the masses wrapped in passion, love and integrity. John is the perfect example of still waters run deep, his much reserved and calm façade belies the excitement and the imagination that explodes when he literally loses himself in the rhymes and let thoughts channel from a higher place. Lewis is a master craftsman, and his craft is one of hypnotism, seduction and satisfaction all accomplished via his bewitching SP 1200 and other Classic vintage analog machinery, which gives birth right to his GOLDEN SOUND.  JR and LP are the oracles of that warmth the has been missing in the world of music and leaving so many cold and lonely searching for that same substance that forced them to fall in LOVE with the music in the first place! International Summers marks the continuing journey that can’t be limited to a certain place nor season, so fasten your seatbelts yall! Let’s RIDE!

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(Artwork by Gordon of PMC)

In other big news, this past Tuesday (12/15) marked the official release of the long awaited collaboration between PVD & JOHN ROBINSON.  (available everywhere you buy digital music: iTunes, EMusic, Amazon, Napster, etc)  After over two years of performing together, we have compiled an 11 track live record entitled: “ALL THE WAY LIVE”.  *(see footnote)  We are also very excited that the album made it into the “NEW & NOTABLE” feature section of iTunes after only 1 day!

Combining the soulful breakbeat styles of PVD with the conscious and intelligent lyricism of veteran underground MC John Robinson, “ALL THE WAY LIVE” is a raw documentation of how we get down when we join forces to rock the crowd.  John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of hip hop group Scienz of Life) has been releasing albums for over 10 years with the likes of DOOM, Danger Mouse, Madlib, & J. Rawls amongst many others, and has toured internationally, performing across the US , Europe & Japan including a notable performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.  Originally gaining notoriety during the “Fondle Em Records” era alongside hip hop architects Stretch & Bobbito, along with an appearance on the  “Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 Album”. JR has been a prolific force on the underground hip hop scene for 10+ years.  For more info on JR, check out
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In celebration of this digital release, we will be performing at Fire & Ice in Woodbridge, NJ on 12/26 for the official “ALL THE WAY LIVE” NJ Release Party.  I’ll bring along an all star band with me for the event featuring David Stolarz on keys & Josh David on bass.  Stay tuned for the official NYC Release Party.

*due to a technical difficulty with our digital distributer…….. as of right now, the new release is listed solely as “John Robinson:  ALL THE WAY LIVE” Apparently, iTunes and other distributers could not recognize the ampersand (&) sign and, in turn, released the album under a shortened title.  That will change in the next few weeks, but we decided to roll with it rather than delay the official release.


Pat Van Dyke – Drums/Compositions

John Robinson – MC

Sam Barsh – Keys

Kellen Harrison – Bass

Ben Zeff – Guitar

Rich Polatchek – Trumpet

Joey Johnson – Sax

Max Jerome – DJ


  • 1 Introduce Him
  • 2 Nectronic
  • 3 Hit Me
  • 4 I Am Not For Sale
  • 5 Like This
  • 6 That’s the Breaks
  • 7 1 of the Greatest
  • 8 The Author
  • 9 The Dream
  • 10 We Make the Rules
  • 11 The Visionary

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J Rawls & John Robinson present their group JAY ARE, an ode to not only Jazz Music, but the culture that inspired progressive social/political movements as well as a vast array of cultural exploration, in their release “The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again…” dropping on August 28th, 2009 on Polar/Groove Attack.  Meshing the spirit of the 1960s, both J Rawls and John Robinson explore the genre of Jazz Music, as many would consider it to be the Grandfather of Hip Hop, while participating in a freedom which allowed various artists to come together, vibe out, and produce great music that will be studied for years to come.  Musicians of the 60’s also reacted to their social environment creating art and music that was reflective of their environment and culture, and both J Rawls and John Robinson continue that process as our current political and socio-economic times face much peril.

Official Tracklisting:

1. Lesson From Trane, A
2. It’s Jay Are
3. Know U – Jay Are & Invizible Handz
4. Type Sounds
5. She’s So Brilliant – Jay Are & Rashad
6. 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again, The
7. Music Is Forever
8. Relax Ur Mind – Jay Are & Tiffany Paige
9. Shooting Smack – Jay Are & K Banger
10. 1 Of The Greatest
11. Jazz Unconditional
12. Love Me Good – Jay Are & Dominique Larue
13. Lee Morgan Story, The
14. We Make The Rules – Jay Are & Rashad/Tiffany Paige


Label:(Project Mooncircle/HHV)



Artwork By Gordon of Project: Mooncircle & Beta Bodega Coalition Europe!

Leviathan (Break the Spell)

We are living in a time now where more than ever the truth is being concealed on many levels. Have you ever asked yourself why is Chris Brown and Rihanna getting more media coverage than the true details about the worlds falling economy? Or why when you turn on the news all you hear about is sex, wealth and death. Why do most rappers in the mainstream industry today feel as if they have to spread falsehoods in order to stay relevant? Or even why is it not possible for us to think outside of anything being a person place or a thing? If you are tired of legends, myths, fables and fairy tales and want the Facts beyond any doubt, then you must be ready to listen with an open heart and mind. Fear no longer Scienz of Life come to you as the Hip Hop Reformers of this day and time and are here to “BREAK THE SPELL OF LEVIATHAN” for it has entrapped your divine potentials and imprisoned your souls in ignorance for far too long. WAKE UP!

Distribution by:

HHV.DE (Europe)

Art Union Group (Japan)

Crosstalk Chicago (USA)

Groove Attack (Digital Worldwide)

Release Date: 5th of June 2009.

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‘I Am Not for Sale’ is the culmination of over a decade of tireless work from one of Hip Hop’s most slept on MCs and all round renaissance man – John Robinson aka Lil Sci. Many of you will know J.R. from his work with Sol Uprizing or Scienz of Life or from the stellar output of the Shaman Work label which he runs together with Chris Craft and Lamar Gilliam. John’s is also a unique voice you may recognize from a glut of guest appearances for and collaborations with Madlib, Count Bass D, Rawkus Records, MF DOOM, Daedelus, Ammon Contact, Dwight Trible, Jneiro Jarel and Flying Lotus.

Having teased the underground community in the last two years with the widely acclaimed mixtapes ‘The Leak Edition’ Volume 1 & 2 (and subsequent vinyl sampler ‘Leak Edition EP 1’ on Fat City) J.R. is ready to unleash his official debut album release. Production on this project comes from some of the most groundbreaking beat makers around today namely FLYING LOTUS, JNEIRO JAREL & IG CULTURE, perfectly complimenting John’s poetic flow and forward thinking vision.

I Am Not For Sale! This album is a must COP! The Realness is Back…

Come on through to Fat Beats NY on Tuesday January 27th to catch an exclusive live performance by John Robinson! He’ll be here at 7:00pm performing tracks off his new albums “Who Is This Man?” (entirely produced by MF Doom) & “I Am Not For Sale” (beats by Flying Lotus, Jneiro Jarel, J Rawls and more.) and signing autographs. P.Casso will also be in the building performing tracks off of his album “For Your Consideration”.

Fat Beats NY
406 6th Ave, 2nd Floor (Between 8th & 9th Streets)
New York, NY 10011

C U all there!