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What’s up People?

J.R. here putting yall up on my Favorite soulful peeps right now. Daru and Rena! Definitely check for them in every way… More news coming soon yall!

Here’s a quick update with the latest from one of my favorite duos right now, Daru & Rena. The brother & sister producer/singer (respectively) duo have teamed up again for both a new video and a forthcoming EP.

Their new video, “iLuvYou,” is the lead single to the upcoming, Luv ‘09 EP, coming out on the INnatesounds label. The clip was shot at AdiosBabylon in Brooklyn by Chip Monk Films – made up of Eagle Nebula (of the ePistrophik Peach Sound crew) and Protius (who both established artists themselves).

As another lead-up to the new EP, Daru & Rena have released yet another free download project, this time paying tribute to some of their favorite producers. Included in the Producers Luv Tribute EP are 9 tracks, with nods to Dilla, Pete Rock, Nicolay, 9th Wonder, ?uestlove & The Roots, and DJ Premier.

Download the Producers Luv Tribute EP

Thanks to Daru and the INnatesounds blog for both of these.

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New Video from the Super Crew EMC consisting of Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline and Stricklin. If you haven’t copped their full length album “The Show” go get that u will not be mad trust! Nuff Respect to these brothers just wanted to share the latest and greatest with you all.