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Q-Tip Entrance:

Peace my People! So I missed this Noisemakers Session w/ Tip but I was @ the last one with Questlove so I had to post this joint. I can only imagine the power of this session right here as Tip is easily one of the ambassadors of the Hip Hop Jazz/soul next level movement. Glad I can share this with you all as I easily consider this a history lesson. Study the music yall!

Q-Tip on J Dilla:

Another one in the can… Wednesday’s Noisemakers with Q-Tip was a grand ole time. Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q was in the building playing the classics to set it up, The Cypher carried the spirit in middle relief, and Rosey shut it down. The Abstract shared with Peter Rosenberg animated anecdotes about: * the humble Murry Bergtraum High beginnings of A Tribe Called Quest * Red Alert giving his nephew Mike G. of The Jungle Brothers the acetate of The Bridge is Over for the H.S. talent competition * composing Bonita Applebum and I Left My Wallet in El Segundo as a “pause” beat at the tender age of 15 * July 4th, 1988 being a very special day in Hip-Hop history… * Busta Rhymes considering joining ATCQ subsequent to the breakup of Leaders of The New School And this was before the intermission!!! Yesterday, the blogosphere was awash with talk and clips of Tip working with Miles Davis and J Dilla, but as the dust settled, there was a clip that very few had the chance to see. Check out the impromptu jam session with Q-Tip, Questlove, Daru Jones and the rest of The Cypher rocking out on Dilla’s Lightworks.
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Q-Tip on Miles Davis:

Q-Tip on Busta Rhymes:

Q-Tip on The appeal of ATCQ:

Q-Tip, Questlove? and The Cypher perform Lightworks (DiLLA Beat):

Much Respect to the Revive Da Live crew for putting on such a brilliant Event. “Noisemakers” is a forum which includes a special guest honoree in which the house band “The Cypher” will play live tunes from this artist in tribute of what they have given to the world through music for many years. This months honoree was Questlove? of the Legendary Roots Crew. The other dynamic of the event is the live interview hosted by Peter Rosenberg which definitely adds a nice touch to the event overall being that Peter has a great deal of knowledge and insight on the true substance and integrity side of HIP HOP which allows for a great deal of intelligent thought provoking questions to be asked to the honoree. This particular interview shares a lot of gems!

Questlove? talked about everything from his family’s music background, First official Drum set, meeting Black Thought, Introduction to Dilla’s sound, Last convo with Dilla, What they do (Video) in relation to Biggie and Puffy and much more.
Stay tuned as there will be footage available to check out on and until then go check out the footage from last event where DJ Premiere was the honoree.

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