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He’s definitely your favorite rapper’s rapper, and he may be your favorite too. We’re talking about the ultimate, the legendary, the lyrical master, Big Daddy Kane. It looks like Scion has teamed up with Lyricist Lounge’s Anthony Marshall to bring you a raw documentary on Kane, taking you from the streets of Brooklyn into the studio, watching BDK reminisce about the good ‘ol days, and spit some new hot fire off the top, and of course featuring a visit to the barber who perfected his hi-top box cut. Watch the trailer and see how the smooth operator gets down. We can’t wait for the full doc, and will keep you posted about how you can see it once it’s released.

(Taken from OKP)

Biggie Smalls is the ILLEST!

It always amazes me folks how BIG was killed at the tender age of 24 years young. He was literally still a kid who happened to grow up on the fast streets of Bedstuy, BK which made him seem so much older to the person on the outside looking in. His contribution to the music is boundless as he still to this day continues to add nothing but a lyrical style and texture that is pretty much unmatched since.

Christopher Wallace’s story inspires me on a level that I can’t fully overstand, there is no way in a million years that I would have ever thought that a Young, Heavy set dark skinned cat from the streets of BK could be at the top of the Hip Hop industry and reign in a way that was unreachable to so many. I look forward to checking out the movie over the weekend but I honestly doubt that this film will capture the true brilliance of the Notorious one himself.  More soon on the movie folks I will be back with my thoughts on the flick!