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Dope Remix from Naturtalent off the Scienz of Life Leviathan Album… This is DOPE!

Potential RMX


PMC 50 – Anniversary Mix

PMC 50

Since beginning in 2002 in a small cellar in Bad Muskau, close to the Polish border, until the present, based in Berlin. We now sell Project: Mooncircle vinyl and cds in stores across the world: Berlin, London, Tokyo, New York, LA, San Francisco, Melbourne. We bring music with a message and with quality and content to our fans. The music industry and the media form the taste of too many listeners of the 21st century. This should not be the way; No ear should be feed with monotonous, stupid music. We are proud of our 50 releases of uncompromised, honest music. Selfish, lazy and avaricious dreamers have been ignored successfully and we are looking forward to the next 50 releases, to growing the label, to growing our artists and to starting our sub label Project Squared.

We are proud to present to you a mix of the best from 50 PMC catalogue numbers. 30 songs by nearly 30 artists together in an amazing 50 minute set. We invite you into a journey trough the past 7 years of Project: Mooncircle’s Hip Hop and Electronica based sound. Sit back and enjoy.

The mix included acts such as John Robinson, Mr Cooper, Lambent, Robot Koch, Lewis Parker, Evil Ed, Obba Supa, Jahbitat, CYNE, Scienz of Life, 40 Winks, Dday One, Nongenetic of Shadowhuntaz, Strand, Glen Porter, Mathematik, Aether, Inner Science, Epstein, Manuvers, Kan Sano and more.

Much love to all our listeners, distributors, supporters and artists for every second of your art and attention.
Thanks to Gordon Gieseking, Paul Cooper, Thomas Ulrich, John Robinson, Xndl, Thimo Hörster, Tomohiro Yang, Susann S., Sarah R., S. Marie A., Andy K. & La Mano Fria for their contributions over the last 7 years. This mix is for you.

Mixed by Skratch, V. Raeter, The Binh & Gordon.
Artwork by V. Raeter, Sarah & Gordon. Photo by The Binh.
World premiere at Radio Rhythm Incursions and BBC 1 London at Monday!

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Watch out for the Project: Mooncircle special & interview at Radio FM4 (ORB) in Vienna, Austria! Every Thursday Trishes presents the HipHop, Soul & Funk Show “Tribe Vibes”. John Robinson (Lil’ Sci from Scienz of Life), Gordon & Dj V. Raeter (Spoken View) are the special guests at 20th of August, 10:00 pm!
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Label:(Project Mooncircle/HHV)



Artwork By Gordon of Project: Mooncircle & Beta Bodega Coalition Europe!

Leviathan (Break the Spell)

We are living in a time now where more than ever the truth is being concealed on many levels. Have you ever asked yourself why is Chris Brown and Rihanna getting more media coverage than the true details about the worlds falling economy? Or why when you turn on the news all you hear about is sex, wealth and death. Why do most rappers in the mainstream industry today feel as if they have to spread falsehoods in order to stay relevant? Or even why is it not possible for us to think outside of anything being a person place or a thing? If you are tired of legends, myths, fables and fairy tales and want the Facts beyond any doubt, then you must be ready to listen with an open heart and mind. Fear no longer Scienz of Life come to you as the Hip Hop Reformers of this day and time and are here to “BREAK THE SPELL OF LEVIATHAN” for it has entrapped your divine potentials and imprisoned your souls in ignorance for far too long. WAKE UP!

Distribution by:

HHV.DE (Europe)

Art Union Group (Japan)

Crosstalk Chicago (USA)

Groove Attack (Digital Worldwide)

Release Date: 5th of June 2009.

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