Robot Robinson New Album from John Robinson + Robot Koch Available APRIL 12th

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Audio, Hot off the Press, News / Updates
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From a laments perspective you can call this Jahcoozi’s Robot Koch meets Scienz of Life’s John Robinson. However we here at Project: Mooncircle like to see this as two dynamic forces of nature coming together in parallel universes, delivering cosmic opted sonics with science-fiction narrative conventions in a metaphysical tone. Robot Robinson is the FUTURE from Earth to Mars to Venus to Jupiter and Beyond, this project spells out the attempts to bring a different pitch of vocals to the world of Electronic Music. Robinson being no stranger to the scientifical lyrical approach along with Robot’s evolutionary voyage prone soundscapes this one is a sure shot! The Future of Music is in Good Hands.

PMC074/75 – Robot Koch And John Robinson “Robot Robinson” album snippet by Project Mooncircle

All tracks produced by Robot Koch. All lyrics by John Robinson.
Artwork and original paintings by Ima One (Japan). Design by Gordon Gieseking.

Release date: March, 4th.

  1. Boy Sand says:

    can’t hardly wait

  2. Very nice. Like that NY/Philly style beat. Keep up the great work.


  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John Robinson, Remarkable Mayor and IconoclastMultimedia, beatvizion. beatvizion said: Robot Robinson New Album from John Robinson + Robot Koch Available MARCH 4th […]

  4. Krain D says:

    Project MoonCircle is next level! Every release sounds great

  5. Born Free says:

    John Robinson has once again raised the lyrical bar! This album sounds and feels incredible and deserves to be heard and supported by everyone! Get with the program and BUY THIS ALBUM!

  6. Shannon says:

    I Love it!!!!!!! proud of what you do JR you do deserve to be supported by everyone!!!!!

  7. […] on the way from emcee John Robinson (Lil Sci) and Robot Koch, set to be released on March 4th on Project Mooncircle.  Check out the stream of the album snippets […]

  8. Venomous2000 says:


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